Photograph by © Gulnara Niaz

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  • Backwards & Forwards (Nov into Dec 2022)

    The 12th New England Wushu International Chinese Martial Arts Championships in Connecticut came and went in a wink and–I survived! I am not quite sure how (really!), but I won 2 gold medals in the events my coach signed me up for. Since I did not get to practice due to illness the 2 weeks […]

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  • New Sport

    Everyone who knows me knows that I am a Movement Junkie! I love moving and watching people move. Once, my friend, Aparna, picked me up from the airport. She spotted me amidst a crowd and said, “That’s her–the one who’s always moving!” In sports I tend to watch mixed martial arts, gymnastics, ice-skating, diving, parkour. […]

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