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Photograph by @ Gulnara Niaz

Articulations (medical): a joint, where 2 bones meet
Articulations (movement): movement at a joint
Articulations (language): utterance, verbal expression
Articulations (blog): the intersection where all of the above meet

  • Deep Dive into Atherosclerosis

    There’s a method to my madness, for sure! If you’ve been wondering about my “eclectic” choice of topics for previous episodes, I’m hoping you’ll realize that I was making my way towards this deep dive all along! From lipoproteins to the immune system to the glycocalyx and so on, I’ve been building a foundation for…

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  • Coming soon–a comprehensive metabolic health program for everyone!

    Picture this: You made a commitment to your health and worked hard to change your lifestyle. You’re proud of your accomplishments–how much easier it is to run up the stairs, how you’ve gotten off your medications, how your sleep is better. Everything is going smoothly until your friends want to know–when are you finished with…

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  • ApoE phenotype after Liver Transplantation

    Human ApoE has three isoforms differing only by 1 amino acid substitution at either position 112 or 158, resulting in E2, E3, or E4 alleles. Even 1 copy of the E4 allele raises your risk for Alzheimer’s Disease 4-fold and if you’re unfortunate enough to possess an E4 allele from each parent, your risk is…

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