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Photograph by @ Gulnara Niaz

Articulations (medical): a joint, where 2 bones meet
Articulations (movement): movement at a joint
Articulations (language): utterance, verbal expression
Articulations (blog): the intersection where all of the above meet

  • ApoE phenotype after Liver Transplantation

    Human ApoE has three isoforms differing only by 1 amino acid substitution at either position 112 or 158, resulting in E2, E3, or E4 alleles. Even 1 copy of the E4 allele raises your risk for Alzheimer’s Disease 4-fold and if you’re unfortunate enough to possess an E4 allele from each parent, your risk is…

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  • No, you’re NOT 8% body fat

    Many of my patients are startled at their first DXA body composition reports. “How can this be? I was 8% body fat at the gym!” That’s because their personal trainer likely used a handheld bioimpedance device to measure their body composition. Those devices are notoriously inaccurate. If you’re a man, add 10-15% to the handheld…

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  • The problem with Agave Nectar…

    …is that it is 85% fructose and if you drink jugs of homemade lemon juice sweetened with this sweetener (“it’s natural!”, “it’s healthier”) everyday for a month then you: -increase total % body fat (26.5% to 29.3%) -increase visceral/sick fat and likely liver fat as well (VAT area up from 117 to 146 cm2) Natural…

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