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Photograph by @ Gulnara Niaz

Articulations (medical): a joint, where 2 bones meet
Articulations (movement): movement at a joint
Articulations (language): utterance, verbal expression
Articulations (blog): the intersection where all of the above meet

  • What is DXA?

    DXA (or DEXA) stands for Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry. It is a device that uses 2 X-ray beams of differing energy levels. This allows it to distinguish between soft tissue and bone absorption of the X-rays. Its original use was to determine bone density and it is also now used to evaluate body composition. With body…

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  • STEM-Talk Episode 142

    Here is my STEM-Talk interview (on the Fall Equinox, yay!). In it, I discuss TOFI (no, not Tofu! Not Tophi either!)

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  • Being Leonardo da Vinci

    As a child I thought that I would be Leonardo da Vinci when I grew up. Not that I would aspire to his fame and greatness–I merely thought it was a job, like being an engineer, a teacher, an accountant. Classify clouds, watch the eddies dance in streams, invent weaponry and mechanical devices to do…

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