Vyvyane Loh MD poises
Photograph by © Gulnara Niaz

Poiesis: The act of Making (from the Greek, poiein); to bring forth into being something that was non-existent; to transform; whence arises the word ‘poetry’.

Medical terminology uses poiesis as a suffix to denote the making or formation of tissues/cells in the body (e.g. hematopoiesis)

In Art, poiesis is the creative act, Heidegger’s emergence from the void, that threshold trembling into form. Plato vs. Aristotle: Did poiesis beget physis? Was poiesis begotten of physis?

What interests me is not just the thing made but the process of making. Creation can be thought of as a series of decisions. It is the deliberate embodiment of meaning in Form which we call Art. This page is devoted to exploring that process.

  • Making the Podcast Theme Music

    Initial notes (pun intended!): Birth –> Music (Life) –> Death (This I drew as a cycle originally, like the TCA Cycle or the Ouroboros) Thanks to Tony Modeste for music production!

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  • Making the Logo

    When I was asked about what my logo would be my immediate response was an Ouroboros. This is an ancient symbol of a snake devouring its own tail and represents the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Snakes hold personal significance to me. They are symbols of creativity, fertility and regeneration. They also represent healing,…

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