How to make a face masque with Ginger

Ginger has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. A good way to put those effects to use would be to make a face mask

Ingredients: Ginger rhizome (root), Manuka or local honey, turmeric (optional)

-Pound or grind ginger. You may add turmeric if you like.

-Mix with Manuka or local honey (store-bought commercial honey is usually fake and has no medicinal value)

-Wash and dry your face.

-Spread the masque over face, avoiding the eyes

-Leave on for 20 minutes.

-Optional exfoliation step: take a teaspoon of sugar and rub gently over your masque (this is the one time I’m okay with you using sugar!)

-Wash masque and sugar off your face and pat dry.

-Use once or twice a week

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