vlmd rounds 37

In this episode we will look at the sensation of itching and how it is perpetuated. What is the difference between an acute itch vs. chronic itch? How are skin cells, neurons and immune cells talking to each other? Why do we itch? And how does itching fit into the larger phenomena of interoception (the perception of internal signals like hunger and heartbeat)? We’ll also explore how stress can affect your skin and what you can do about it. And while this episode focuses on chronic itching, you’ll also discover surprising links to chronic cough and anosmia (loss of smell). So if you’ve lost your sense of smell from a viral infection like COVID-19, check this one out. N.B.–I tried something different and filmed this outdoors in Barcelona. Didn’t realize at the time that I was standing next to a wall with a playground on the other side, so sorry about the noise!