vlmd rounds 21

Time to talk about cell growth, so let’s bring out the “massTOR” cell growth system, mTOR! Yes, it’s important if you want to build bigger muscles and yes, it would help if you took your leucine but there’s more involved with mTOR than meets the eye. Here are some details that are often not discussed when talking about mTOR and if you stick with it to the end, I’ll even throw in cholesterol and statins (why not?)

***Note: when I say Rag ATPases, I mean Rag GTPases. I don’t work from a script; it’s mostly off the top of my head with a few notes to remind me of things to mention and when it gets late and I’m under time pressure, my tongue slips…(or one might say, the tongue “breaks”, ; ) to those who know the title of my book!)