New Sport

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a Movement Junkie! I love moving and watching people move. Once, my friend, Aparna, picked me up from the airport. She spotted me amidst a crowd and said, “That’s her–the one who’s always moving!” In sports I tend to watch mixed martial arts, gymnastics, ice-skating, diving, parkour.

This summer I took up a new sport, Wushu, a Chinese form of martial arts. I have only had time for one hour a week (sadly) but I’m always so happy after class. This semester, Calvin, the head coach, has given me permission to attend his Competition class for the Fall along with two other adult students (just bumped it up to 3 hours a week, whoa!–how’d that happen?). The kids are phenomenal! We anticipate getting decimated by them (gulp!) I’m guessing it’s going to be like an episode of Survivor.

Getting in some extra protein before class…